Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just call me Ms. Blogger

No, don't, because I have not been here to update shit in over a week! Ack! I need to leave myself a note or something.....
Well, I'm off to NY for a long weekend and the besty bestest Halloween ever! I finished my costume TODAY because I kept hating parts of it and changing it. It's supposed to be 60-ish and sunny on Friday, so that would sure be great since I didn't design a COAT to go with my costume. Of course..that could be a great excuse to go BUY a new coat! In New York no less! Hmm.....*thinks*
And I hope to find some awesome fabrics at Mood! Yes, that's right, Project Runway fans, we'll be visiting Mood Fabrics this weekend! I hope no one punches me out when I turn to leave and yell "Thank you Mood!!" ala Tim Gunn.
Stay tuned for cool Halloween pics next week!

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