Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute wool sweater

This is the wool sweater I picked up at the Salvation Army store for 4 bucks. I was planning on shrinking it and using the felted wool to make crafts. Then my husband said "That sweater is really cute..why don't you just wear it? Why do you want to shrink it? That's just weird that you would shrink a perfectly good sweater just to make cat toys out of it."
Clearly, he doesn't understand crafting. *hrmph* However, he may be right about the sweater.
Shrink it or wear it?

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Julie said...

Where do I vote? Here? Is this the place? Why is there a sign outside that says, "The Hanging Chad"? What kind of establishment is this? Do you serve beverages, perchance?
Well, I say Rick is right! Wear it! It's tres cute and j'adore the colour!

For those who don't know me...no, I'm not insane...just nutty. :)