Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Sedaris...continued

Okay, I did NOT get to meet Mr. Sedaris, get his autograph or have a picture taken with him because the *certain people* I attended this function with (previously known as my family, but now only refered to as *certain people*) did not want to stand on line and wait. Granted, it seems the whole of the theater wanted this chance, and we certainly would have been waiting for quite sometime, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...........it's David Sedaris! David-Fucking-Sedaris, people! ARGH! Bringing it up again only makes me want to send another anonymous magazine subscription to some *certain people*. :::pulls self together::: Anyway...the evening was wonderful and filled with much laughing and yes, even tears of laughter. Mr. Sedaris gave a 15 year old girl $20 to introduce him. HIL-arious! I will never forget the story about the rabbits (Runny, Moist and Screened-In Patio) or the Costco story. It only made me love Mr. Sedaris more. And I learned a valuable lesson..next time, I will go alone and leave *certain people* home. Oh....and NEEK-ah-RAAAA-gwwwaaaa! ( you had to be there!)

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