Saturday, October 4, 2008

duct tape

After I got off work last night I had to go to the store and get some stuff...a pineapple, some pluots, thread, fabric. I stopped at home to change out of my work clothes and discovered that I had never hemmed the new cords I bought at winters end last year! I needed a quick fix...thought of using the stapler to hem the pants, but I was afraid that would leave holes, so I used duct tape! I folded the hem up as if I were actually going to hand hem them, and stuck a few healthy lengths of duct tape along the edge. Worked like a charm and no one a dirty little secret! This morning I hemmed them up proper with needle and thread but the really disappointing thing is........I think pluots are out of season now! The store had none and I fear with winter rapidly approaching I may be doomed to eating apples and *gasp* canned fruit all winter! Oh! And frozen blueberries, which are actually really good if you buy Wyman's frozen wild blueberries. I get the huge size bag of these at Costco and thaw a few servings at a time, in the fridge overnight. that makes me feel a bit better now that I remembered the frozen blueberries. Okay, so let's recap and find the silver lining pants are finally hemmed, I finally got the fabric I needed to make curtains for my son's room, I can eat blueberries all winter long and duct tape hems pants quite nicely. I'd say all that makes up for the "no more pluots" thing. : ) Now I'm off to take my mom shopping and check out the thrift store for a wooden bench for the entryway (thinking ahead, again, to winter...we need a place to sit and pull off our boots) and I'll be looking for some wool sweaters to shrink and use in some crafts! And maybe I can find a cool skirt to modify and use for my Halloween costume. More on the Halloween costume later!

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