Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to turn a sweater into a cardigan Tutorial

First off, it's been almost a year since I've updated this blog! I'm sure my 2 followers have missed me. ; ) Rest assured I've been keeping busy with all things craft and this project I did today totally screamed "SHARE!" and motivated me to log back into my blog (after recovering my forgotten password!)
I bought this sweater at a Kohl's sale a year ago. I loved the colour, loved the deep v-neck and loved the sale price of $5.00. I didn't even try it on, I just grabbed it on my way to the check-out. In the last year I've only worn it a couple times...the deep vee ended up looking weird with most tanks or tees underneath, so it mostly sat in the drawer. Last week, I made a cute dress with some $3.00 a yard cotton fabric from Walmart. I really wanted a blue cardigan to wear over it but I just haven't been able to find the right colour. Then I remembered this sweater and I thought "Well, I'm not wearing it much, I only paid 5 bucks for it, so.....let's cut it up!"
(am I cheap, or what? A whole outfit for under $12!)
First, I marked the sides with pins in 3 inch increments so I could use the yardstick to find the center of the sweater. Place the yardstick across the sweater (side to side) at each 3 inch interval and find the center by dividing the measurement; ie. 20 inches across= 10 inches to center. Pin along the center.
Once you've marked the center of the sweater, sew 1/8 inch from the center on each side of the center. So, now you have 2 parallel sewn lines. Cut up the front of the sweater between the two sewn lines.
I used this 7/8 inch grosgrain polka dot ribbon that I had in my stash. I heart all things polka dot and the colour matches the sweater perfectly!
Here's a neat trick for ironing something in half: fold the first 4 inches or so of the ribbon in half and insert a pin on your ironing board cover that is equal to that measurement.(here, it's a bit under a half inch) Insert the folded ribbon under the pin, place the iron on top and just pull the ribbon under the iron. The ribbon will fold in half as you pull it throught the pin and the iron will iron it flat! Amazing, right?
Next, pin the ribbon along the edges, making sure you get the folded edge of the ribbon right up against the cut edge of the sweater. At the ends, fold the ribbon under so the raw edge is hidden inside the fold.
Sew close to the ribbon edge and after a few stitches, check to make sure you're catching the ribbon with the stitching on the back side as well.
Whipstitch the folded ends closed.
Here's my model Heidi, modeling the dress and the sweater! (Why, yes, she is named after Heidi Klum and yes, I am a big Project Runway fan!)
I held the top closed with this vintage rhinstone clip-on earring, but you can also sew a loop and button closure at the top, too! freakin' easy is that?? It took longer for me to edit these pictures and type this than it took to actually do the project!
New life to a seldom-used sweater....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!