Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living Room Makeover!

Since we moved here 14 years ago, I have hated the living room! It was wood paneled and the fireplace was red brick with awful black grout. So Brady Bunch, so completely "Lodge Gone Wrong." It was like a big dark hole and although there are two large windows in the room, all my plants died in there. Probably from sadness.
I tried numerous times to get my husband to agree to let me re-do the room, but he never wanted me to paint the wood or the bricks. Our oldest son's college graduation was coming up, we would be having a party for him, and I really wanted the "brown room" to go away. So,I researched how-to's online and with constant nagging, he gave in. And yes, I would have done it even if he hadn't agreed, but I always start out by attempting harmony first, then if that doesn't work, I go for mutiny.
Room prep:
I gently scuffed up the paneling with fine sandpaper first so the paint would adhere better. Then I washed the walls with vinegar and water and vacuumed the bricks. I used Behr Paint's Premium Plus Ultra...it's paint and primer in one and the walls and the fireplace each took only 2 coats of paint each. Wall colour: Rainwashed (a soft blue/gray that reminds me of the sky after a rain...calm, soft and relaxing!)
Fireplace and ceiling colour: Serengeti Sand (sort of beige-y with a hint of orange/yellow...warm!)
(there was also a gargantuan wooden bookcase that could sleep 6 people in the room, but we got that moved out before I took these photos. It seriously weighed about 500 pounds!)

The entire makeover cost under $250, too! The paint was $120, the couch slipcover was $50 from Overstock.com, the recliner slipcover was $30 on Amazon.com, the green sheers were $10 from Target and the fabric for the couch pillows was $12 from Joann Fabrics. As the room was mostly blues and vanilla latte colours, I brought in the green sheers and pillows, pattern mixing the pillows. The rest of the decorations were in various places in our house, so I just brought them all together. I call it "Victorian Beach House" style and it's become my favourite room!

(the "after" shot of the fireplace came out too blue-y! The rest of the photos show the actual wall colour.)

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KayoticSewing said...

Wow! What a transformation!! It is absolutely wonderful! It has opened up the space so much that the place looks twice the size.