Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad Day/ Good Day

I am running out of cat food and you know we can't have that happen, so I had to make a trip to the pet store. When I get to the cat section, the shelves are bare and I find out that my pet food as been recalled!
So now I have to switch the cats over to something else, as who knows how long before the food is back in the store?? And let's talk about all these food recalls, anyway, right? Jeez...I'm going to use my income tax refund to build a giant greenhouse and grow all my own food. Well, no, not really...well...unless I can grow cacao trees or whatever chocolate grows on...
Anyway, it certainly is disturbing and even though Anthony Bourdain eats food from street vendors that is days old and has flies on it, I prefer to have my food pass USDA standards. But, I might eat a bug or something if I could hang around with Anthony Bourdain in some exotic locale. Just sayin'.
Okay, so the GOOD part of the Bad Day/ Good Day is...I got these coolio metal buttons from Etsy seller The Forsythe Company Store
I am re-purposing a thrift store vest and these are going to be PERFECT for it! Heather at Forsythe was kind enough to make a special listing for me and sent the buttons out with all due haste, as well! If you need buttons, go check out this's amazing!
Oh! And not only that, but the stamps on the envelope weren't cancelled, so bonus! (I cheap can I be, right?!)
Part deux of the Good Day section is,
I finally decided what to wear to a
wedding I'm attending. My good friend and co-workers' daughter is getting married tomorrow and I was at odds as to what to wear. I was staring into my closet last night at 11 pm and the outfit just sort of jumped out at me. Yay! I love it when things like that happen. I'll try to get a good pic tomorrow of me wearing the outfit, but right now, here's a shot of it all, as it looks arranged on my bed.
~Dark purple top by A.N.A.
~Lilac skirt, original pattern drafted and sewn by me
~long scarf (to wear around waist) sewn by me from a remnant I found at Joann Fabrics
~teal and brown shoes from Target, fall 2008
And I'll be wearing grey hosiery

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gaga said...

Bourdain is mine. All mine. Hands off you little chandelier-rescuing, house wren enjoying, squid-crafting harlot.