Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun-yuns at IHOP!

Me and the fam had us some brunch down at the IHOP yesterday and youngest son got this onion ring. We're thinking of selling it on Ebay....for now, it's safely in its take-home container in our fridge.
Think of it's many uses! You can carry this baby with you and just say NO to anything by holding the onion ring in front of it!
No alarm clock! No homework! No to emptying the dishwasher! No new taxes! No, I-won't-do-that-again-I-was-drunk-and-I-told-you-never-to-bring-that-up-again!
What? *ahem*
Wanna buy an onion ring?

1 comment:

gaga said...

I bid $2.00!!!! LMAO!!!!